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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Road to Proficiency

PA students recently spoke to all teachers in LSSU about their experience with PBL.
We would like to wish everyone a safe and enjoyable Winter Break. Hopefully you all can find some ways to have some fun, get some rest, curl up with a good book or math puzzle, and enjoy winter in it’s glory.

During our most recent In-Service day on February 3rd, a panel of middle and high school students spoke to all the teachers and staff in LSSU. That’s a few hundred people! The students spoke about their experiences on their Road to Proficiency. As we would expect, they spoke thoughtfully, honestly, and clearly about what is working and what is not. Their thoughts and suggestions were helpful and it was impressive to hear how much they understood about our transition to a Proficiency Based Learning system (PBL).

Throughout the year, I’ve been sprinkling you with some updates, resources, and thoughts about this transition to Proficiency-Based Learning. This month, I encourage you to go back and take another look at the Road to Proficiency website (linked below) and bring some questions to conferences. Conferences are a month away, but it’s never too soon to start scheduling these important opportunities to check in with your child’s teachers. You can all the main office starting March 13th to schedule (888-4600). We will have staff on hand that day to answer questions about your child’s future, the Personal Learning Plan (PLP-Wolf Track), post high school opportunities, and Title 1 funding. We look forward to seeing you.

What Is Proficiency-Based Learning?
Prepping for a Geometry mastery assessment

Proficiency-based education represents a shift from the current school-centered system to one that is more student-centered. Proficiency-Based Learning (or PBL) is designed to:

  • Help schools create efficient and effective systems that will ensure all students graduate prepared to succeed in the college, careers, and communities of the 21st century.
  • Support all students meeting high academic standards, and ensure that more students master the knowledge and skills necessary to graduate better prepared for adult life.  
  • Create student learning and progress that is measured and reported in relation to learning expectations.  
  • Ensure that students demonstrate competency in order to advance, which will help ensure that students graduate truly ready for college and career.

What are the Proficiency Expectations in LSSU?

Our Proficiencies are organized into Mission Related Goals, Content Graduate Requirements, and Scholarly Habits; each providing focus, emphasis and learning goals for distinct areas of growth and abilities necessary to ensure our graduates are prepared for the demands of college, career and life.

A classic Biology scene - some things will remain the same. 
Want To Learn More?
To read more about Proficiency Based Learning grab a coffee and visit our PBL Website.  The Road to Proficiency: Why, What, and How. Image result for illustrations of a cup of coffee

       In particular you might want to watch student voices explain proficiency-based learning, read more about the Benefits of PBL or get additional information about the Proficiency Expectations in LSSU.