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Friday, June 9, 2017

The Road to Proficiency leads to Graduation

Seniors enjoying a huge round of applause as they march through the ML hallways. 

For our hard working graduating seniors, the celebrating has already begun at Peoples Academy. On Thursday 6/8, the senior class was honored by Peoples Academy Middle School students and staff. Check out this video link to get a feel for the fun and thoughtful event. While on the topic of enjoyable events, we would like to invite to our annual Last Chapel & school ending celebration on Thursday, 6/15. The event starts at 8:15 and will take place in our Auditorium. You are also most welcome to attend our 169th Commencement Ceremony on Thursday evening; starting at 7:00 pm at the bandshell. We look forward to seeing you at these important events for our seniors and school community.

ML students anxiously awaiting the arrival of seniors
While we have your attention, we'd like to forecast a bit into the next school year. As we continue down the Road to Proficiency there are two programs that will aid in our travels next year. Both programs are lead by Up for Learning and will involve powerful youth and adult partnerships. These programs will help students and our community deepen our understanding of how the brain works and why school is changing. The programs are called M3: Mindest, Metacognition, and Motivation and CSR: Communicating School Redesign. During this work, 42 students will be trained as youth facilitators. We are excited to work with Up for Learning on these initiatives and look forward to engaging the public this fall on our progress and proficiency based learning systems.