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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Community Safety Announcement

Community Safety Announcement

Many of you have probably heard chatter about people dressed as clowns planning on doing harm to people in schools.  Law enforcement officials assure us that none of the threats to schools have been substantiated, including reports about incidents in Vermont schools.

We want to assure you that school district and Morristown Police Department (MPD) officials work closely together to ensure students are safe and to respond to potential disruptions to school operations, such as this sort of  hoax.

You can help by avoiding the spread of rumors on social media.  Report concerns about student or community safety directly to the Morristown Police and/or to your child's school.  Please also report any information about individuals who may be involved in this sort of threatening, disruptive behavior directly to MPD at 888-4211.

If your child has questions about this hoax, or is worried or feeling stressed about this or any other matter, please encourage them to reach out to their school counselor or any trusted adult at school.

We thank you for your assistance with preventing disruptions to student learning, as this sort of hoax can cause.